Why are the Forum and Wiki offline?

On the 25th of September 2020, the certificate for both forum.sa-mp.com and wiki.sa-mp.com expired. Many users noticed this and brought the issue up on the Discord.

Though the site was still accessible by bypassing the security of HTTPS, it was obvious that something bigger was amiss.

The next day, users found both sites to be completely offline with database errors displayed in the browser.


Now, this error is fairly common, it usually indicates a database backup. But given the SSL certificate incident, it seemed indicative of something else.

Later that day, the sites both went completely offline, not even responding with an error page.


What does this mean?

There's a lot of speculation in the SA-MP community but no official word of what's happened. As we've learned in the past, however, it's best to assume the worst.

The Forum and the Wiki are probably not coming back. It would be great to be wrong about that.


For now, the wiki content is still accessible using the Archive.org copies.

This is obviously not a great long-term solution. These pages take a long time to load and it stresses the Archive.org's service (which is already underfunded and a very important part of internet history).

The recovered SA-MP Wiki is a great modern alternative. It uses Markdown and is hosted using GitHub and Vercel. We urge users to contribute as much as they can to helping transfer all the existing wiki pages over to the new wiki. You can find out more here: https://github.com/openmultiplayer/wiki/issues/27