Welcome to the SA-MP wiki, maintained by the open.mp team and wider SA-MP community!

This site aims to provide an easily accessible, easy to contribute to documentation source for SA-MP and, eventually, open.mp.

The SA-MP Wiki is Gone

Unfortunately, the SA-MP Wiki was taken offline in late september. Luckily, most of the content is stored on the Internet Archive.

But we need the community's help to transfer the old wiki content to its new home, here!

If you're interested, see this link for instructions on how to convert content: https://github.com/openmultiplayer/wiki/issues/27#issuecomment-699635305

If you're not experienced with using GitHub or converting HTML, don't worry! You can help by just letting us know about issues (via Discord, Burgershot or social media) and the most important thing: spreading the word! So be sure to bookmark this site and share it with anyone you know who's wondering where the SA-MP Wiki went.

We welcome contributions for improvements to documentation as well as tutorials and guides for common tasks such as building simple gamemodes and using common libraries and plugins. If you're interested in contributing then head over to the GitHub page.